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Entrepreneur, World-Renowned Speaker, New York Times Bestselling Author & Chart-Topping Business Podcast Host
Business Coaching Company CEO,
C-Suite Business Coach, Leadership Expert and Speaker
Entrepreneur, Sales & Marketing Expert, Consultant, Speaker
Executive Coach, Business Performance Expert, Speaker
Business Development Expert, Time & Energy Investment Strategist, Master Trainer, Speaker
Communication & Personality Profiling Expert, Executive Coach & Advisor, Therapist, Speaker
Brand Community Strategist, Speaker, Emcee, Interviewer, Moderator  

What others say about Buffini & Company speakers

“Brian Buffini has unlocked the secrets of not only his own success, but also why so many newcomers make it big in America.”
Coach Lou Holtz
Motivational speaker and author
“Dermot has been an advisor, speaker and confidant to our company of 950 agents and our leadership team. His material is always exceptional and extraordinarily accurate about the current market conditions. His entertaining manner makes his message extremely memorable. Our agents and leadership team talked about and acted on his advice for months after he engaged with them.“
J.B. Goodwin
CEO, JBGoodwin Realtors
“Bill Hampton is one of the greatest business minds I’ve had a chance to connect with in my career. He is a master of strategy and implementation, and his strong values and principles guide his decision making.“
Patrick Roach
President / Co-Founder,
Southwestern Real Estate
“If people could be inanimate objects, J’aime Nowak would be a lighthouse! Her experience as an agent and broker set her apart from day one and her role as leader of our Broker Advisory Board reflects her knowledge of what our struggles and triumphs are. She also understands the need for more connective, transparent relationships between agents and partners through our “Groups” platforms. I have leaned into her over the years as a coach, leader in Buffini & Company, colleague and friend.”
Carole Souza
Associate Broker, Certified Coach, Team Leader and Trainer,
Better Homes and Gardens Real Estate, The Good Life Group
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