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Business Development Expert, Time & Energy Investment Strategist, Women in Business Advisor

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About J’aime Nowak

J’aime Nowak has been a leading force in the real estate industry for over 25 years. Starting her career as an agent in 1995, J’aime quickly began using the Buffini & Company referral systems and proceeded to double her income every year. She was then asked to manage her office, where she used the same principles to reverse a six-figure deficit, increase profitability and create a culture that was second-to none—all within 16 months.

Brian recruited her to join Buffini & Company in 2004 to bring her skills to a wider audience. She’s trained thousands of professionals across North America on how to build a profitable business and fulfilling life.

As Director of Community Development, she clears a path for industry leaders to build an irresistible office with healthy growth, and also inspires and motivates agents to become the very best in the business.

What others say about J’aime Nowak

“J’aime Nowak has a very caring, no-nonsense approach that I truly appreciate as a business owner. J’aime has been knee-deep in the real estate trenches and applies her knowledge and experience by communicating a very clear and concise message. J’aime’s ideas and messages are easy to understand, simple to apply and most importantly, attain the improved results I am looking for.”

Mike Zuccato
Broker of record/owner,
RE/MAX Realty Services

“I have had the pleasure of working with J'aime Nowak and can confidently say she is an exceptional real estate professional. From her impressive track record as a REALTOR® in Gilbert, Ariz., to her successful tenure as a real estate office manager, J'aime has demonstrated a strong ability to lead and inspire others. She has a talent for working with top-notch agents and helping them achieve their best through innovative training and development programs. I have seen J'aime's guidance's impact on agents' success, many of whom have doubled their businesses thanks to her expertise. J'aime's passion for the industry and dedication to helping others succeed make her an invaluable asset to Buffini & Company and anyone fortunate to work with her.”

Tony Ketterling
CEO, Equity Real Estate

“If people could be inanimate objects, J’aime Nowak would be a lighthouse! Her experience as an agent and broker set her apart from day one and her role as leader of our Broker Advisory Board reflects her knowledge of what our struggles and triumphs are. She also understands the need for more connective, transparent relationships between agents and partners through our “Groups” platforms. I have leaned into her over the years as a coach, leader in Buffini & Company, colleague and friend. J’aime is kind, competent and caring and I appreciate her ability to impact and improve lives, as she has mine, and so many others!”

Carole Souza
Associate Broker, Certified Coach,
Team Leader and Trainer, Better Homes and Gardens Real Estate, The Good Life Group


Recession Proof Your Business

The real estate landscape is ever changing, and we need to focus on what we can control to build a healthy and profitable business while we live a good life. Learn the systems, tools and resources top producing agents are using in this marketplace to organize the chaos, earn more and take more time off to win!

Creating an Irresistible Office

How we lead our people through these uncertain times in our industry and world is more important than ever! Training and development are crucial as we head into a professional’s market. These systems will increase your value proposition attracting, recruiting and keeping high quality, producing agents that recognize you are invested in their overall growth and success. In this presentation J’aime will share how to lead through uncertainty, leverage your value proposition and daily actions that will help you WIN.

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