Success Stories

Featured story: Carol Foderick

In two years, Carol's gross commission income (GCI) grew from $190,000 to $455,000. Carol Foderick is now one of Canada’s top REALTORS®, with a GCI of over $2.5 million, thanks to Buffini & Company coaching and her team approach.

Where Are They Now?

Catch Up With Those Who’ve Achieved Success and Embrace the Good Life
Joseph closed a total of 59 transactions in one year alone.
“I was really good at the process of real estate but what I wasn’t good at was finding customers. I needed to know what to do everyday.”
Kena did $18 million in total closed business.
“I did $18 million in total closed business.”
Olga closed 13 transactions for a sales volume of $13 million.
“If someone told me 20 years ago this is what my life was going to be, I wouldn’t have believed them. I am now living the American Dream!”
Ben and his team closed 117 transactions for a total sales volume of $43 million.
“I knew I had to find a way to get us out of where we were!”

The Good Life: Buffini Real Estate Agent Success Stories

Kathy's income doubled following her first full year of One2One Coaching™.
“I’m able to spend more time with my family.”
Mariesa's gross commission income increased to $256,517.
“This year, I will probably make close to $300,000.”
Lindsay earned $501,532 gross commission income (GCI) .
“I found myself putting business before family.”
Kathy did $20 million in total sales volume.
“My first coach just opened up my eyes.”
Travis earned $623,000 gross commission income (GCI) .
“We’re debt free, we travel 2-3 months out of the year.”
Jo-Ann closed 157 transactions for a sales volume of $50.3 million.
“I kept thinking, there has to be a better way to do this…”
Patti completed 153 transactions, sales volume over $65 million.
“Now I stand out in a competitive market.”
Kate sold over $32 million in sales volume with 46 transactions.
“I have peace of mind and love what I do!”
The Ashleys closed 81 transactions with a total of $33 million sales volume.
“I learned how to balance my crazy busy life and work!”
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What others say about Buffini & Company

“Brian Buffini has unlocked the secrets of not only his own success, but also why so many newcomers make it big in America.”
Coach Lou Holtz
Motivational speaker and author
“It’s natural to become distracted, a coach allows me to dig deeper and sharpen my focus to achieve my goals.”
Brad Noll
Fort Wayne, IN
“When growth at any level is desired, this company provides a platform to achieve it.“
Luisa Antonia Sipple
Springfield, Virginia
“The networking opportunities with other agents across the state and country is wonderful, the content is relevant to the current market and skills needed and I always feel inspired at the end.”
Nadine Radomski
Dallas, Texas
“Quitting Coaching for my business would be like saying, ‘Well, I got into shape and now my body doesn’t need exercise anymore.”
Heather Roda
Paso Robles, CA
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